Taking Care of a New Baby Article

What Caring for Children Brings to Men

Changes are gradual; you learn and grow together.
- Veteran Dad

Little can compare to a child's love, to your baby falling asleep in your arms, comforting a daughter scared by a nightmare, or a son's delight over knocking down the block tower you built. No matter what happens in the rest of one's life, a dad can always be special to his children.

But for men, trying to explain the full impact and joy a child can bring, before he arrives, and before that first smile, is a little like someone telling us when we were ten how we would feel about girls at 16.

A few of us had figured it out, but most of us required a lot more evidence, which ultimately came from our hearts. We would like to tell you all that we have discovered as fathers, but words simply cannot do justice to what our children mean to us.

You will have to trust us on this until the time your baby looks right at you and smiles and you begin to experience it for yourself and understand.

We can tell you that as a deep and rich relationship with your child develops, you will experience an unparalleled sense of purpose and manhood that fills your heart and soul and fulfills the core of your being.

It will have a broad, pervasive impact upon you that gives real and deep meaning to your life. Your baby will also provide you a new and powerful source of strength, as we fathers are capable of amazing feats when our children are in need.

Fatherhood is a noble endeavor; fathers provide for and protect their children, teach them by both word and deed. It is truly wonderful to hold a smiling, talking baby who thinks you are the greatest. It is fun to be the one whose main role is often to play.

We become men in the finest sense of the term. Our babies encourage us to grow up, become better people. Over time, as good as we can be. It is great to feel like a man, and for our new families, we are most definitely the man.

It is amazing how this works; men with incredible accomplishments will tell you all they have done doesn't hold a candle to the importance of their children.

On what has been most surprising and rewarding . . .The pride I feel when I am with my family. How when I come home after a bad day at work and my daughter's smile makes me feel better.
- Veteran Dad


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