Taking Care of a New Baby Article

Cool Things Babies Can Do

Babies are underrated from a guy's perspective, because moms, who have been in charge for a century, simply don't appreciate certain things that babies do.

My 8 month old little girl, sitting in my buddy's lap, grabbed his placemat with a glass, heavy plate and utensils on it, and just whipped it out and left every-thing on the table. An awesome show of strength for such a pretty little thing.
- Veteran Dad

Examples of cool baby capabilities that have been largely ignored due to this perspective problem are as follows:

Develop Amazing Upper Body Strength
If us guys were in charge, baby wrestling could be the next hot sport. At one day old, a baby can almost do a pull up when he grabs onto your pinkies.

At several weeks, they start lifting their heads, which are half their body weight, and at a few months, she can rip out a fistful of your chest hair with one hand. They love pro wrestling too.

Stick Her Tongue Out at You
While she is largely missing the attitude she will muster as a five year-old, your baby can learn to stick her tongue out by imitating you.

Work on it with her in private to get it down, and then take her on tour with your childless friends. They will be very impressed.

Sleep on Your Chest
You get home late, stressed out after a bad boss day at work. The baby is fussy and mom's had it. Life sucks, right? No, because on this night, after walking your baby for a while, she falls asleep on your chest, this little warm package all sacked out, breathing deeply, sleeping like an angel while your heart lays down a thumping back beat. Life does not get any better than this.

Other things your baby can do that only you will appreciate include:

  • Listening to you sing and liking it
  • Totally buying your brand of politics
  • Loving your favorite sports team
  • Never complaining when you beat him at poker
  • Sucking both of his big toes at the same time

I used to dip her big toe in ice cream and then she would pop it in her mouth. I looked around and she had attracted a crowd of admirers. Such Talent.
- Veteran Dad


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