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Making Love Strengthens Your Marriage for the Long Run

A baby presents the opportunity to improve a marriage, and new couples who take advantage of the opportunity talk more, love each other more, fight less, and take pride in their marriage and family.

Their initial anxiety is replaced by a new sense of confidence that together they will be just fine. A feeling of permanence and commitment sets in. Making love both celebrates and rejuvenates this critical relationship.

Sex is Good for Moms
Passion serves as a much needed diversion from her unrelenting focus on the baby. She realizes that she is more than a mother. Bringing some balance to her life will help her be a better mom.

Sex is Good for Dads
Frequent sex greatly improves a father's attitude and lowers his stress levels. It can also sharply reduce a man's risk of heart attacks or strokes, according to a ten-year study of men in a Welsh village who had sex three-four times weekly.

The researchers (likely all men) concluded that sex should be redefined as vigorous activity.

Happy Parents Produce Happy Kids

The research is clear; kids thrive in homes with low levels of conflict and stress, and they learn to have healthy relationships when they see mom's and dad's affection for each other. A healthy, active love life provides the glue that will help hold you and mom and your family together.


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