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Making Love Again

Making love celebrates your commitment to each other and regenerates your passion. It renews your bond by purging the small irritations that build up, and by reminding you both that you love each other and are much better together than alone.

An active, enjoyable sex life is essential to your relationship, the foundation upon which families are built. Now that you know how babies are made for real, sex can mean more than just getting back in the sack.

It needs to mean more because there are major challenges to your post-baby love life, as various surveys have found:

  • The vast majority of couples report less sex.
  • A third report their formally active love life has redlined.
  • Half are quieter in bed and do not experiment as much.
  • For about 10% it has gotten hotter.

The widespread notion that fathers are left wanting is only partly true; moms want more as well. Once the baby is sleeping through the night, most women begin to desire a more active love life. In fact, only about a third of moms of young children are happy with the passion in their lives.

It doesn't get much better as children grow. Once sleep deprivation is put to rest, roaming and inquisitive children can make privacy a prebaby luxury. So while both moms and dads ultimately want more, circumstances will conspire to rain on your parade. To avoid this fate, you will have to work at it based upon a well informed strategy.

While you are likely feeling sex starved and in serious need of conjugal relations at this point, there is a lot more at stake than getting your rocks off.

If you want to strengthen your marriage and avoid several decades of sexual frustration, another round of sex education focused on post baby issues is an essential first step. Due to the obstacles new moms face, if it is going to be good for you, it may need to be better than ever for her.


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