Ramping up to Birth Article

Babies Are Incredible

Billions of babies born over millennia would seem to preclude any one being special. But yours will be, and once you discover how incredibly smart, alert and cute your own baby is, you might find it hard to avoid replicating that Olympic gold medal/movie star scene.

Try to really fathom the notion of a baby: Making love, your sperm wins the race (you had a half billion entries) and joins the other half of that incredible DNA puzzle in her egg.

Then that egg grows into a little tadpole, and transforms in your mate's belly into a tiny little baby that gets a heartbeat, grows and then starts to kick. And then that baby is born, and you look down at this little person, part you and part mom, with arms and legs and fingers and toes and a great set of lungs.

You put your finger in her hand and she grabs it. The doctors describe it as a reflex action - but all you know is your baby has a grip, and her tiny hand, with its delicate, intricate, exquisite little fingers, is wrapped tightly around your finger, as well as your heart.

Try to picture your baby right after she is born. Even though she cannot focus clearly, her eyes are full of curiosity, absorbing this new world that she sees for the first time, perhaps with a touch of fear . . .

And then she blinks her eyes, gazes up at you, and sees a father who will always protect and take care of her. Your baby represents the future of mankind, the meaning of life and your own immortality all at once - not to mention her unique and incredible potential as a human being.

Accepting the enormity presented by your child will take you years. There are many wonders in this world, and may you be fortunate to show some of them to your child. But your child herself will be the most amazing wonder, and the one you helped make.

She lives on Mongolian time, demands that I walk her when rocking should do, eats and poops, sometimes simultaneously, cries like a banshee, and at times nothing I do will console her.

My wife would trade me for hired help in a nannysecond, my boss thinks I lost my edge, and thoughts of golf with the guys trigger hysterical laughing.

Just when I am at the end of my rope, she looks right at me and smiles. It probably is just gas but I think she likes me. I can't believe it myself sometimes, but I wouldn't trade her for the world. I am going to have to get her some golf clubs.
- Veteran Dad


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