Ramping up to Birth Article

A Mother’s Extraordinary Bond

Millenniums of evolution and socialization take effect when our mates become pregnant. They are hard wired to love their babies and develop an intense bond which drives them to sacrifice a great deal as they carry, give birth and care for them.

Her phenomenal commitment assures your child's well being, if not survival, and your support and encouragement will help her thrive in this role.

As she does, you will come to honor and respect her for it, as there is nothing more important to the welfare of your child. (You may also become frustrated, as her focus on her baby comes at the expense of her attention to you.)

A mom's bond starts developing early on, takes a leap once her baby is born and in her arms, and then grows continually. After her pregnancy is confirmed, the incredible reality of a baby developing inside her captures her full attention, and she begins imagining what her baby will be like.

She will likely begin day dreaming about what he will look like as a baby, and perhaps as a little boy, a kindergartner, or even teenager, fantasizing that he has the ideal traits she chooses. (Ask her what she thinks your child will be like; she'll be glad you did.)

Mothers are as connected to their babies after the birth as they were before. This may seem impossible when you see her joyfully holding her belly and feeling him kick inside her, but her bond deepens over time as she inherently responds to his needs, and as the baby responds to her love and care.

As her child grows, when he needs her she will respond, no matter how old he is. (This explains a lot of 30 year old "kids" living at home.)

As veteran fathers witness this connection, we are struck by the fact that a mother's love for her baby stands no matter what, and there is no limit to its depth. The only thing that can match it is the often untapped potential of a father's love.


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