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Welcome Mom-to-Be!

We want to let you know what’s going on with us men as we become dads so that you can help your guy do his best as he becomes a father. When he’s confident and prepared, you’re happier, he’s happier and your baby gets a stronger family.

From Veteran Fathers

Nowhere else can dads-to-be find out what to do and what to expect when they’re becoming fathers. Here’s a sampling of advice veteran dads have for dads-to-be:

Help Her Succeed as a Mom

Help Her Bond With Her Baby

Don’t be surprised or disappointed if your mate does not mimic the stereotypical mother who falls in love with her baby at first sight. While moms tend to bond faster than dads, many experience difficulties developing a deep emotional attachment with their babies. In fact, women sometimes

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More advice from dads:

You’re Not Just Having a Baby, You’re Forming a Family.

With your baby growing inside you and a whirlwind of support focused entirely on mom-to-be, dad-to-be is quickly left in the dust, along with the notion of “team”.

The incredible importance of raising a child, the values of two different people, and the demands of caring for an infant, brings conflict that pushes you apart. You will be in this together for decades, so start out working together. Nothing is more important for your child.

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