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Toys for Babies and Dads

Babies and fathers have a natural affinity for toys, and sharing this special bond from the beginning will strengthen your connection for decades. Equipment to consider includes:

Baby Boom Box
Music is a must for babies and a portable CD or tape player will make it easy to keep the tunes flowing. Play what you want and see what she likes; dancing with her multiplies the fun.

Don't blast the music (babies have sensitive ears and are easily frightened), but you can crank the bass up so she can get her rhythm down.

Tape Recorder
When he starts cooing and babbling away, grab a cheap (usually around $35) little tape recorder and hit the button. Then play it back to him and watch the fascination grow in his eyes along with the smile on his face.

Record and then play back his fussing as well, and he will stop and take in this new but familiar sounding distraction. (If you go on business trips, take along the cooing/babbling tape along with his pictures.)

Bike with Baby Seat, Trailer, Jogging Stroller or Back Pack

Taking her along for a ride, run or hike is great for both of you. Doing so on a regular basis will make her a real part of your life early on. Safety comes first, of course, but beyond that, enjoy the exercise and the company.

Lifted, Supercharged Chevy Suburban
While a high performance, high capacity offroad vehicle may at first seem incongruent with caring for babies, in reality it represents a long term commitment to your child's welfare.

Every time you drive the carpool to work over curbs and small cars, you will be focused on planning fun for the next weekend. Before long, you will have established family traditions of camping out under the stars.


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