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Serious Games at 4 to 6 Months

At 4-6 months he is significantly bigger, stronger, more active and responsive, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities. Babies love to be cheered on at this age, so don't hold back.

Always a favorite. Put your hands in front of your face for a few moments, then jerk them away and say "peek-a-boo!" Repeat about five times, and then put her hands over her eyes and show her how to do it.

Over time she will catch on and after a month or so you'll be peek-a-booing back and forth with her giggling away.

Her First Song
When she is cooing or babbling, take her hand and place the back of it over her mouth to cork her briefly, then lift it and repeat. The result will be bah-bah-bah, which she will find fascinating as well as a new trick to enthrall her adoring audience (mom, grandma).

Rock 'n' Roll
He will love this one, although mom may not. Raid the kitchen for wooden spoons and a few pots. Use the wooden spoons to make some music, and then put a spoon in his fat little hand and show him how to do it.

Cut him loose to bang away on his own. As he flails away, try to make sure he doesn't inadvertently bang his head (hence no metal utensils), or yours.

Bucking Bronco
Sit your baby on your knee as if it were a horse, hold him firmly, and bounce him rhythmically. Every once in a while bounce your knee a little higher, and he will soon anticipate it coming.

Hide and Seek
Take something your baby is playing with and hide it inside or underneath something bigger. If it's a cloth book, put it underneath a light blanket. If it's a block, then put it inside a plastic bowl. Show him where it is and then hide it again, until he starts to find it himself.

Crawler in Training
Put him on his belly over a towel. Grab both ends of the towel in one hand and lift him up a few inches, supporting him with your other hand. Get him on his hands and knees, and then start moving his arms and legs one at a time in a crawling motion.

While this maneuver is probably useless in actually teaching him to crawl, he will find it interesting and maybe fun, and it can't hurt.


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