Making it an Adventure Article

Playing at 2 to 4 Months

Your baby will become more active from two to four months, smiling and starting to coo and babble away, and responding more during playtime. She will love having fun with you, especially if you smile and talk to her. The possibilities for games increases; examples include:

Mattress Trampoline
Lay your baby on her back on the bed. Push down on the mattress so that she bounces a little bit. Go slow and be gentle so she enjoys it and doesn't get anxious or upset.

She Needs to Learn to Trust You
As a father, you may be inclined to ramp up the action by bouncing her higher, especially if she is enjoying it. That's cool, as long as she is having fun, but if you push it too much, she can quickly decide she doesn't like the game at all.

The trick is to be very patient and go slowly; let her get used to the action the first few times you play the game, then take it up a notch the next time, and slow down the moment her face tells you she is no longer having fun.

If she is going to let you push her as a father, she needs to learn to trust you first.

Kick Boxing
With your baby lying on his back, put the palms of your hands up so they are nearly touching the soles of his feet. Gently push his foot with your hand, switching back and forth between right and left.

Soon, you'll do nothing but hold your hands there and your baby will kick them in the same right to left pattern you initiated.

Sit on Your Chest

Lie down on your back with your baby sitting on your chest facing you. Let him explore your face. Enjoy his intense concentration as he checks everything out. Be careful because he may grab your nose and try to remove it.

Baby Acrobatics
Sit on the ground, facing your baby. Get a firm grip around her midsection and roll back, holding her up in the air while you say "wheee!" If she loves it - and, there's a good chance she will - you'll be priming her for Olympic tumbling down the road.

Balloon Game
Attach a ribbon to a helium filled balloon and then tie the end of the ribbon around your baby's ankle, so when she moves her ankle, the balloon will move. She will entertain herself while she's figuring out that she can control the movement of the balloon.

Change to the other ankle, and then tie it to her wrist. Stay with her, of course, and then remove the balloon and string from her room when you leave.

Flip Over
Place your baby on his back and sit behind him. Hold a colorful toy over his face and then slowly move it to one side, encouraging him to grab for it. If he turns over, or starts to, cheer him on, and then repeat it with the other side.

If he's almost there, give him a little push. If he gets all the way over, give him the toy (some babies will learn to roll across an entire room before they can crawl).


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