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Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do

We often relate to our babies by imagining them growing up to do the things we like. So there are a lot of great athletes about 2' tall. Picturing our sons playing in the NBA comes naturally, but girls, well, they do "girl things" and then go off on their own path.

In fact, our instincts tell us to roughhouse with our sons, but to hug and protect our daughters. So you can see it is easy to shortchange our baby girls in terms of opportunity right from the start (same with our baby boys when it comes to hugs).

The great news is that girls today are showing they can do anything boys can do. While a lot of girls like playing with dolls, just as many like softball, soccer, basketball, golf, and lots of other athletic and adventurous activities.

Someday your daughter could be winning the World Cup in soccer, racing a car, officiating a pro game, or setting a climbing record (perhaps with you). So don't worry about boy or girl, and just share what you love with your baby. She definitely benefits from roughhousing with you - probably more than a baby boy does because his whole environment growing up features rough and tumble play.

And keep it going, as research clearly shows that girls whose fathers engage them in sports grow up to enjoy better fitness, stronger self images, and healthier, lasting relationships later on in life.


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