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Twins and Multiples

Below you will find our recommended websites and books on twins and multiples.

Center for Study of Multiple Birth (CSMB)
Geared mainly to medical professionals, website contains research and articles about giving birth to and raising multiples.

ITA International Twins Association
An organization started in 1934 dedicated to twins.
Information and links to twins organizations and resources.
A directory of organizations for twins and multiples and their parents.

Twins Magazine
Article archive and subscription.


Art of Parenting Twins: The Unique Joys and Challenges of Raising Twins and Other Multiples(Patricia Maxwell Malmstrom, Janet Poland, 1999)

Raising Twins: What Parents Want to Know (And What Twins Want to Tell Them)(Eileen M. Pearlman, Jill Alison Ganon,2000)

When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads, Revised Edition: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy (Barbara Luke, Tamara Eberlein, 2004)

Twins! : Expert Advice from Two Practicing Physicians on Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year of Life (Connie Agnew, Alan Klein, 1997)

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