Helping a New Mom Article

Honor the Mother of Your Child

The more we learn about new mothers, the more we appreciate the contributions and sacrifices they make for our children. Because there are many millions of moms doing what they do, it is simply expected of them.

In fact, she herself will take for granted what she does best as a mom, while dwelling on any inadequacies she may feel. (Moms will often feel they are not good mothers if they do not know why their baby is crying, or if they have anything less than saintly thoughts about their screaming baby.)

Therefore it is up to us to let them know they are doing great things, and we greatly appreciate it. Tell her that you can see the incredible bond she has with your baby, that you are grateful for the sacrifices she is making, and that you understand (some at least) how tough it can be.

Being appreciated by you (no one else over two feet tall counts) makes all the difference to her and helps make the downside of motherhood worth it. Your baby will essentially do the same for her, and together you can make her motherhood a beautiful experience.

Respecting her as a mom, and loving her for what she does for your child, will also serve as the foundation of your new relationship with her. As your child grows, look for reasons to do so, and you will find them.

You will also find that what goes around comes around. Your honor and respect for her as a mother will result in her doing the same for you. No one can encourage us more as parents than our mates, and the better we both do, the more we appreciate each other, as well as ourselves.

When two people are covering each other's back when they have it coming at them from all directions, they develop a very strong relationship. This should be your plan.


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