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First Babies Can Be Very Tough on Moms

If all goes smoothly, the baby is easy and your mate takes to motherhood like a duck to water; great for her and you. But the reality for most mothers is quite different, and it is important that you understand what she is going through so you are prepared to deal with it.

The happiness and excitement of learning she is going to have a baby is the first of some almost delirious highs. Seeing and holding her baby for the first time after carrying him, feeling him grow inside, and knowing she has finished giving birth, must be pure ecstasy.

She can go through some very serious lows as well. The physical impacts of pregnancy alone are immense: morning sickness, gaining weight, losing energy and mobility, medical problems like backache (for which pain medication options are very limited), not to mention actually giving birth, which sometimes involves surgery.

The emotional lows can be even more distressing. Her life begins to transform steadily and inescapably as she is swept up into a whirlpool of events driven by her bringing forth a new life.

Take an "MTV bred," contemporary career woman and throw her back into the 1950's with a baby programmed to alternately cry, nurse, and poop at all hours.

Add a mother's innate, intense focus on her baby, and you will likely have some real stress and even misery. And don't forget the hormones, which supercharge her feelings both up and down, exhausting and disorienting her.

Even though you know your partner well, and you witness her every step along the way, it is very hard for you to imagine what she is actually experiencing.

It is important that you do your best to comprehend, even as you experience your own ups and downs. She needs you to lean on, to help her through, and to understand.



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