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Amazing Transformation within Mom

Can you possibly imagine the feeling mom has when she feels her baby move for the first time? This is typically the month it happens; in another month or so, you’ll be able to feel him kick.
- Head Coach

While the rubber hits the road at birth, your baby is being built as we speak. A look inside will reveal that the happenings in Monster Garage are nothing compared to what’s going on in mom’s belly.

A basic rundown with some of the highlights, presented for the average baby, in the month-by-month schedule which will govern your life for the next year or so, are as follows:

Triathlon with 500 Million Entries at the Start
Women produce one egg every month, which lives for roughly a day or two. If you time it right, one roll in the hay will send about 500,000,000 sperm in a mad dash to capture the flag in a 48 hour window of opportunity.

It’s a very tough obstacle course; 90% die crawling to the cervix. And after an hour, only about 2,000 of the sperm make it through the uterus to the second round: the swim up the fallopian tubes.

The egg is in one of the tubes, and only 100-200 sperm get a shot at going for the glory. They basically try to head butt their way through the egg’s outer membrane, and after the first one does so, the membrane becomes an impenetrable wall and the rest all die.

The winner becomes one with the egg, determines sex, hair and eye color, NFL/ NBA potential, and then starts to grow into a full on baby. Talk about king of the hill!

Month One: Microscopic Tube

Mom’s fertilized egg divides into two, then four, eight, sixteen cells and so on, multiplying at an ever increasing rate into billions and billions. Due to an incredibly awesome design, that egg contains specific blueprints and instructions for every one of those cells.

Month Two: One Inch Tadpole
With a big head and tail, and with arms, legs, fingers and toes that are beginning to form, Junior looks like a tadpole transforming into a frog. His nervous system is developing along with eyes, ears and internal organs, and his tiny heart begins to beat.

Month Three: All Internal Parts Present

He is starting to look like a baby, with eyes, a nose and lips, elbows and knees. While his evolutionary tail disappears, his arms are longer than his legs in tribute to the primate past in his ancestry. He triples in length to three inches, and weighs in at one ounce.

Month Four: Sucking His Thumb

His legs have lengthened, bones and muscles are growing, and teeth, soft fingernails, eyebrows and eyelashes are forming. It is now clear that he is a he, or she is a she; growing rapidly to 5 inches and 3-4 ounces, you could cradle him in your hand.

Month Five: On The Move
Your baby is getting bigger and stronger and his movements might now be felt by mom. His brain is developing rapidly, particularly the front where thinking occurs. He can now hear, his hair is growing and he may suck his thumb. He is 7 inches, 10-12 ounces.

Month Six: Little Person
He looks like he will at birth; just much smaller and skinnier. He is getting stronger rapidly and mom may soon be able to tell if he is punching, kicking or head butting as he trains for his big entrance into the world.

His lungs prepare to breathe, and he is about 9 inches long and weighs about a pound and a half.

Month Seven: Lights Coming On
The little guy is starting to fatten up, and his brain is enlarging rapidly, with its lifelong functions coming online. His eyes open and he starts to distinguish between light and dark, as his hearing continues to develop. He weighs in at about 3 pounds and is 11 inches long.

Month Eight: Getting Strong
His brain and nerves are now in charge and mom’s antibodies are passing through the placenta to give him several months of immunity against infections. He may hiccup, and hair may cover his head. At around 5 pounds and 17 inches, this boy is getting ready for game day.

Month Nine: Raring to Go
He is so tight in there that all his stretching and squirming works like resistance training in building his strength. He typically gets into launch position: head down in mom’s pelvis, facing her back.

A full term baby is typically 6-10 pounds, and 17 to 22 inches long. They can get big - a Brazilian baby recently weighed in at 16.5 pounds!

A Navy Tradition
When the U.S. Navy ship returns to port, sailors who became fathers while on deployment are the first to get off. It is quite a scene as their wife hands them their baby dockside and those new fathers meet their child for the first time.


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