Helping a New Mom Article

A Mom’s Different Trajectory

Our mates typically played with dolls while we tended towards guns. She has toyed with notions of motherhood for perhaps 2-3 decades, while most of us never even thought of being fathers until recently.


The physical impacts of pregnancy hit her quickly and often hard, and the realization that her baby is growing inside her can be thrilling, harrowing, amazing and staggering in quick succession.


From the moment she learns she is pregnant, all this kicks into gear, launching her on a steep trajectory of change as she moves quickly along the path to motherhood.


She begins contemplating a wide range of issues including what kind of mother she will be, changes in her career, marriage, body, friends, the birth, and what her baby will be like.


Typically, we're months behind. We warm up to the notion of fatherhood more slowly, taking a much flatter trajectory as we begin mulling over the issues and changes we will face. We can be surprised that the first changes we notice are those occurring in our relationships with our partners.


Some new moms may also appear to be flat. She may keep the issues of pregnancy and a baby at arm's length to maintain some notion of control over her life, and may be reluctant to talk about it.


Keeping her thoughts and emotions private may be her way of initially dealing with impending motherhood.


Most new moms experience a more moderate course, but at the other end of the spectrum, some get so involved in their pregnancies that they seem to lose their perspective and go overboard. Another normal reaction for a woman new to motherhood.



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