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A Baby’s Impact on Mom

Upon conception, a mom cedes control over her body, emotions, time, career - her very life. Her bond with her baby essentially requires her to focus upon his needs, as hers are superseded by her new need to mother. This bond tethers her to an inexorable force that dictates how her life will be.

Some mothers would have it no other way. They begin beaming when their pregnancy is confirmed, and never seem to stop. They have a new purpose and love in their life that fulfills a powerful drive and instinct. Being a mom just fits.

But for most, it is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. A mom's love affair with her new baby can be euphoric at times, and exhausting at other times. Her feelings and focus on her baby can be so strong that she can barely think about herself, let alone anyone else.

The impacts of a first baby on mom include:

  • Physical changes are flat out amazing if you really think about it.They take a toll in terms of weight gain, stretch marks, etc., not to mention her wardrobe.
  • Persistent feelings of nausea, back pain, birth pain, exhaustion, or sore breasts.
  • New, confusing, powerful, biologically driven emotions, contributing to sharp and unpredictable mood swings, and sometimes major depression.
  • Discombobulated career plans.
  • Her personal sense of worth may diminish as her world compresses to caring for a baby in isolation at home.

This loss of control over her own life is often the worst aspect for moms having a tough time. They may feel they cannot escape this new responsibility, and there is no turning back.

Trapped with no choices, they feel virtually chained to an infant who demands their continual devotion. This can result in serious anxiety bordering on panic.

A cranky or colicky baby, of course, adds a whole new dimension to her precarious situation.


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