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One or Two Incomes?

About half of new moms return to work within a few months after their babies are born. On the other hand, you and/or your partner may want her to quit her job and stay home to take care of the baby, and do without her income.

Either arrangement can be tough, at least through the first year, with serious tradeoffs involved.Think it through and talk to her about available alternatives.

She and/or you may want dad to stay home and take care of the baby, and do without your income.

Perhaps she (or you) could work part time with a flexible schedule, with the baby in day care a few days a week. Or perhaps one of you could work out of the house.

Alternatives regarding work for moms and dads evoke strong societal pressures and many people may have an opinion. The only one that counts is the one you and mom develop as you determine the best way to support your new family.

Keep in mind this may not be fully resolved until well after the baby arrives, and even then it may change, so keep your options open.


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