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Limited Finances

Many young families have to face the reality that there simply isn't enough money to go around. The cost of baby equipment and supplies alone can be startling.

Advertisers regularly proclaim the fact you must spend a fortune just to get one child through high school, let alone college. You can feel like you are failing your offspring before he even gets out of the chute.

With new moms focused mainly on the new baby, dads are often left on their own to face the financial challenges, and can feel quite alone in doing so. Add in some of the following factors and dad can definitely feel like he's the one left holding the bag:

  • Mom opts to stay home with the baby for an extended period, reducing income while costs rise.
  • Mom spends money you do not have "on the baby" for discretionary items, oblivious of the budget.
  • Dad responds by working longer hours, and mom resents dad's lack of involvement at home.

The stress this causes can be debilitating for a father who has inherited the expectation that he will be his family's provider.

Extended work hours, justified by the added financial demands, can also lead to guilt as a new father grapples with the lack of time left for interaction with his child.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride. You try to plan, but your baby will rule.
- Veteran Dad


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