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Mommy Vortex: Lesson 3

Monday, June 15, 2009

In our final installment of the Mommy Vortex series, we discuss lesson 3: Dig In & Carve Out Some Turf For Dad. If you missed the Mommy Vortex: Lessons 1 and Lesson 2, be sure to take a look.

Lesson 3: Dig In & Carve Out Some Turf For Dad

With no countervailing force, dads-to-be are generally sucked up by the Mommy Vortex and deposited in Babyland. One visit to Babies-R-Us will confirm that this mom-centric, parallel world is your new reality. To prevent complete emasculation, try the following:

Become the equipment expert – go to Babies R Us and ask questions like you would at a car dealer. Promote the research finding that babies benefit from their fathers doing what comes naturally – roughhousing, playing, showing her the world.

  • Buy a small jersey of your favorite team and make junior an instant fan. Put it on him when you watch your team together on TV.
  • Get together with your friends who have babies and take them for a hike.
  • For a diaper bag, buy a multi-pocket bag for your favorite activity (fishing, surfing, etc.) and use it – tell junior it is his when he is out of diapers.

The cool thing is that you are getting lots of help carving out turf for dads these days from other dads. So do your part, and remember that just getting together with them makes it dad’s turf.


Posted by Jon Bishop on 06/15 at 11:19 AM

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