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Mommy Vortex: Lesson 2

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last week we introduced what we call “The Mommy Vortex”, the “tornado-like whirlwind that sucks moms-to-be up into the world of Babyland”. Part of that last blog post was lesson 1 on The Mommy Vortex. Here’s Lesson 2:

Lesson 2: Hold On To Her By The Ankles

For moms-to-be, not letting go of a big part of her life is not an option. The mommy vortex can push her much farther than she needs to go, or wants to go. Help her maintain some balance in her life by:

  • Encouraging her to avoid reading about all the potential medical problems for her or the baby, that are highly unlikely to occur but account for about half that 500 page pregnancy manual on her night stand.
  • If she is feeling pushed by a friend, her mother, a co-worker, etc. to do it their way (e.g., pre-natal vitamins, childbirth pain meds, weight gain), help her stand her ground with encouragement and, if needed, a request to the offender to back off.
  • Encourage her to maintain outside activities, especially those involving exercise because they help her handle birth, recover from pregnancy, lose the added weight, feel better all the way around, and get out of the house. Balance at its best.
  • Upon birth, the pressure on a new mom to do everything possible that might benefit her baby greatly intensifies. You will want to give her the gift of balance (further explained in Crash Course for Dads-To-Be); you will find that the part of her life you helped her maintain is often the part she shares with you.

Next week, we’ll post the final installment of our Mommy Vortex series. Be sure to come back for Lesson 3.

Posted by Jon Bishop on 06/15 at 11:17 AM

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