Dad Resource Center

As a guy, you probably like to do things your own way. Yet sometimes us guys need a little help or just have questions, especially as dads-to-be, so we've gone and created a comprehensive resource section with you in mind.

Ramping up to Birth
Know everything you need to prepare? Didn't think so. Rest assured, if you need it, it's in this section.
Baby Health and Safety
Keeping your baby both healthy and safe is a challenge. Find out what other dads say to do and not to do.
Taking care of a New Baby
Now the real fun starts. Find tools and information on taking care of your new bundle of joy here.
Finances and other Basics
Babies are expensive! Learn how to prepare yourself financially and what other basics you need to cover.
Helping a New Mom
Who is this strange women? Take the mystery out of it and learn what other dads have done to help her out.
Return to Romance
A popular topic among new dads. So how do you do it? Look inside for tried and true tips.
Becoming a Dad
Welcome to true Manhood. Now breathe! Evaluate yourself with our dad-tested resources.
Making it an Adventure
Make sure you have a good time with your baby. Check out what dads suggest to get the most out of Fatherhood.

Ask a Dad
Since 1990, Boot Camp for New Dads coaches have answered tough questions from dads-to-be and new fathers. Their answers have helped over 150,000 men get ready for the birth of their babies and develop the confidence they needed to hold their own when taking care of their baby. Ask a coach a question or see if someone has already asked your question with our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Information Referral Center
As you've probably figured out by now, there are a ton of issues to think about when it comes to your new baby. Finding the information to solve these issues takes time, which most dads-to-be and new fathers don't have. To give you a hand, we've gone ahead and compiled lists by subject of organizations, websites and books that will get you the help and information you need. See them here.

Dads Adventure Magazine
Last, but definitely not least, we present Dads Adventure Magazine. There's a chance you may have seen Dads Adventure Magazine in your childbirth education classes, and if you did, there's an even better chance that it was the only thing that had any masculinity. Check it out here.

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