Becoming a Dad Article

Preparing You for the Worst and the Best

Becoming a father can be very tough. We don't sugar coat it; we tell it like it is for a lot of men, which is how it might be for you. Or it might not. If you assume that all the hard stuff you read about will happen to you, you are getting it wrong.

Nobody gets hit with all of it; we just want you to be prepared for whatever might happen. The dire warnings of colicky babies and cranky wives may barely do justice to what you experience, or your easy time may leave you wondering how you got so lucky.

We remind you that whatever problem you encounter, you have lots of company. But probably not as often as we should. One of the most prevalent comments at Boot Camp for New Dads is "I didn't realize that you guys were going through the same thing".

It makes it much easier to constructively deal with the problem and get beyond it, knowing that many others are in the same boat.  Becoming a father is also wonderful. We point out the highlights, because you want to be prepared for those as well.

You won't find a lot of talk about the joys of fatherhood, however, as they are almost impossible to put in writing. You will know it when you feel it.

Just be ready for whatever comes your way, good or bad, because either way, you will want to make the best of it.

If You Have another Perspective, Tell Us
Every father's circumstances are unique, and it is a huge challenge to accurately represent the universal new father's experience in one book. Many issues surrounding babies are highly charged, eliciting strong feeling on all sides.

If you have a different perspective, or flat out disagree with something we say, let us know through Ask a Dad. If you have an idea how we can do better, let us know and we will pass it on to thousands of other fathers.

It is almost a sacred duty to get it right, so we will be revising this website regularly, based upon comments from men like you.


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