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Building a Parenting Team

Children thrive when mom and dad have a strong relationship. So do mom and dad. You two can burn a lot of scarce energy fretting about who is not doing one thing or another.

The need to expect change and learn to work together is a no brainer. Teaming up to raise children is a great deal more efficient, an essential issue given the enormous amount of work involved.

Expecting that arguments are likely to occur prepares you to take a constructive approach. This enables a positive attitude to get you through the tough times and helps you enjoy the good times more.

Marriages that are enhanced by a baby are those in which mom and dad understand each other's needs and do their best to meet them. Dad strives to be his wife's "Knight in Shining Armor," even when mom is too fatigued to appreciate his efforts.

You have to decide to make the sacrifices, even though you are not required to do so. (In most situations, biology requires moms to do their part; you have a choice.)

Hopefully mom will recognize that your desire for some attention and affection is reasonable and necessary if your new family is to thrive.

The good news is that every day you will learn a little more about your baby, yourself, and your partner. At about 2-4 months, you'll understand your baby's needs, likes and dislikes. And, perhaps best of all, your baby will be sleeping most of the night.

A more rested mom and dad make the household a lot calmer and friendlier. Also at this time, pregnancy hormones begin to subside, baby blues become a memory, and confidence sets in.

You have weathered the storn, together.

Teamwork: I don't know how single parents handle it. It takes two people working 110%, 24 hours a day and even then it ain't easy!
- Veteran Dad


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