Becoming a Dad Article

Becoming a Dad

A father, at his best, is awesome. His integrity, courage, love and strength serve as both foundation and pillars for his family. Every father is irreplaceable; no other man, no matter his wealth, can be more important to his children.

His children are also of ultimate importance to him. Watching them grow and learn to walk and talk, teaching them to catch a ball and read, preparing them to carve out a productive and fulfilling life; they give his life meaning and purpose.

This is why fathers don't mind working so hard to provide the best life possible for their kids. It is a long adventure of course; you are just starting out, and the initial weeks and months with your baby will be challenging.

You pay a lot of dues on the front end as you become a dad. There will be highs, there will be lows. Seeing him born, holding your son as he looks up at you with intense curiosity, telling him, "welcome to the world, I am your daddy."

It may not hit you right off, but these feelings go right off the charts. Of course, so does sleep, romance, attention, friends, time, money, Saturday mornings (let's stop here; a general rule of thumb is never add it all up).

You will get through it. Maybe just barely, if you have an infant with colic. But over several months time, your new baby will get easier and you will become more proficient in caring for her. Mom will also lighten up as she develops confidence and gets used to her new responsibilities.

So now, after babies, families and moms, it is your turn. You may as well get comfortable with your new position in the pecking order, because at least for the next six months, this is just the way it is.


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