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Babies Impact Relationships

As a new father, your most serious challenge is not comforting a crying baby or figuring out how to pay for everything, but learning to work together with your mate to form a family.

You need to know that a first baby has a profound and often negative impact on a man's relationship with his wife.

Having a baby was like throwing a hand grenade into our relationship. We were a classic case of opposites attracting, but with the baby, we just couldn't seem to agree on anything.
- Veteran Dad

Intense and pervasive change is mandatory for her, and in turn, her needs and demands can become overwhelming as you try to adjust to your new life. And then she gives birth to your baby, who proceeds to overwhelm and exhaust you both for months.

If you learn to work as a team, a baby can enhance your relationship.

Having the baby in our life has added so much more, I can't even begin to tell you. We lie together in bed at night talking about our dreams for our child and how much it's brought us together.
- Veteran Dad

Talking, understanding and working together on caring for and raising a child brings you together. Sharing the rewards, for which the words joy and pride seem very inadequate, is exquisite.

The challenge a baby presents to your relationship cannot be overestimated.

By understanding the powerful and often conflicting forces at work as you take on fatherhood and a family, you'll increase your prospects for pulling through and coming out the other side a stronger man, with a stronger marriage, and a family that makes all your efforts and sacrifices incredibly worthwhile.


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