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How Can Dad Help After a C-Section?


I am seeking a way to help my wife. We just had our first child two weeks ago and she's been extra sore due to the C-section she had to go through. It's made it tougher for her to breast feed since she can't be as mobile as she wants to be. I have tried consoling her but I'm not sure what to say or do. I work a third shift and have no option of working different hours.


Your wife's soreness from the C-section will get better, but she will have other challenges over the next months that will require your extraordinary support.

Since you are working to support your family at night, try to help her get sleep during the day. Take your baby for a ride in a stroller or a walk with a front pack while she takes a nap; getting the baby out of the house should make it easier for her to go to sleep.

Be prepared for her to be frustrated and even angry with you; it is not fair but normal for new moms to use new dads as their emotional punching bag. Respond with understanding, reassurance she is doing a great job with your baby, and tangible steps like helping her get sleep.

With breastfeeding, once one month arrives, mom has the option of pumping so you can feed your baby and let her get 4+ hours of sleep at one time, which is way better than two two-hour stretches.

The first months are tough on dad too as becoming a father is the ultimate rite of manhood. Hang in there.

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