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Waking Up in Cold Sweats


I’m the new daddy of a 10 day old baby boy. Nervous all the time and can't sleep well and when I do I wake up with a hot/cold sweat. Advice?


You now have 20 days under your belt and are probably doing better with your baby but are even more tired. If you are still nervous, you will want to do something different with him; perhaps something to break the pattern, like take him for a walk in the stroller around the neighborhood with your headphones on. Twenty days is not too early, and he likes it, you like it and mom gets a break. Get out alone with him in the car and tell him what is making you nervous and what you might do about it; babies are great to talk to.

Best advice always is to get out alone with your little one; this is when we dads build a special bond with our kid. Show him the stuff you like and tell him about it; his brain is sucking it all in. Good luck.

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