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Visually Impaired Dad Wants to Care for Baby on His Own


I am a visually impaired father with a six-month-old daughter, who I love. I would love to take care of her when I am off during the week when my wife is working of offset the cost of child care, and most importantly, dad and daughter time.

My spouse trusts me with the baby as long as she or someone else is there. I am frustrated with this because I feel that she is looking at the disability and not the ability. I am frustrated with this situation because I am not given the chance to prove that I am able to take good care of my baby and show that she is safe with me.


New mothers are incredibly protective and most dads experience gatekeeping regarding access to “their” baby. Here are a few suggestions:

  • I searched for "visually impaired fathers" online and found this parenting message board. I'm sure if you tap into the visually impaired community, you will find other men with similar experiences and more ideas.
  • Come up with a plan as to how you will handle any contingency, perhaps including a web cam or video chat on your phone so your wife has visual contact with the baby at all times. That's way she can learn to trust you, and also serve as backup should a situation arise.
  • Be creative in your solutions, as your daughter will be crawling soon and then walking, and then climbing and running.
  • Consider asking your wife to be your backup at home while you take care of your baby to prove to her you can handle it.
  • Good luck and keep seeking to be a big part of your daughter's life.

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