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Supporting Baby’s Neck While Burping


My son is five days old and was born a month premature almost exactly. He's a bit underweight and when my wife or I am burping him we are both afraid of how to handle his neck. We've both tried the sit on your lap and over the shoulder techniques (laying over the lap is still a little scary) and we hit or miss on burping him without him spitting up but we are both worried about hurting him. Is this a typical new parents’ fear? Are there any tips or tricks that we might use to maybe be more reassured as we burp him?


New parents are scared about all kinds of things. I have never actually heard of an injury to a baby from not holding their head right during normal care like burping - still you want to be careful.

With sitting up on the knee burping, place your hand high on your baby’s chest so your thumb and forefinger are close to their neck where you can cradle and support their head. Perhaps the safest way with such a small one is to sit down, lean back and place them high your chest where their head is resting on top of your shoulder. While there are different ways to burp a baby, both you and your baby are learning how to do it together, so picking one way and sticking with it might be best.

Good luck with your new family.

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