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Stepdad Gets Frustrated at Tween Stepson


My fiance is 25 and I'm 35. I have a 13 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. My daughter is pretty mature and gets along well with my fiance. My son on the other hand can be quite difficult. My fiance loses his patience quickly with him because he is a lazy kid. My fiance is trying to teach him to be more active and to help more around the house. But my fiance just gets so irritated that he can't get through to him. Do you have any advice for us?


First, find something they can do together they both enjoy.

Second, ask your fiancé to be patient; this is a decades long relationship in its formative stages.

Third, suggest fiancé collaborate with your son's father on what works, what doesn't. It's tough for dads to deal with 11-year-old boys; tougher for stepdads.

Great for you to reach out; this is a big issue in your new life, and if your fiancé figures it out, you will be eternally grateful; let him know.

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