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Special Gift Dad Can Make for Baby


My girlfriend and I are having a baby girl in December. We are having a baby shower in November. I was curious if there were any good gift ideas I could make for the baby?

I know how to weld, and a bit of woodworking skills. I was think like a book shelf or a jewelry or lock box. Any ideas would be appreciated.


We highly recommend two boxes just alike, one for her that that you can initially put in small toys that she likes; it is her special treasure box so put a picture of you and her in it; make a big deal about “her” box; she will keep it forever.

The other is for you to put in special memories of her and you, maybe her first pair of shoes, a little collection of things that connect you two and makes the memories come flooding back whenever you open it.

Make a big deal about your special memories box, which is all about her.

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