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How Can I Understand What Mom-to-be is Going Through?


Me and my girlfriend are having our first baby. She's moody alot, and then apologizes at night or the next day for her behavior. What article or books can I read to understand what she's going through?



The impact of hormones on a mom-to-be is just the start of the changes she will go through and she doesn't even understand it herself.

The overall change is magnificent for babies – and tough for dads. Suggest you tell her to stop apologizing as you know it is just the hormones doing their thing. Part of your job description as a dad-to-be is to serve as her "punching bag" at times – take those hits with pride. Suggest you go for walks together and talk; she should know she can tell you anything. Pregnancy can also be a great time for a couple’s relationship, so take full advantage now. The months after your baby arrives, her attention to you will naturally drop like a rock (again hormones are to blame).

Our book Crash Course For Dads-To-Be has a major focus on new moms and what they're going though, because we have learned that for dads understanding what moms-to-be/new moms are going through is the the most important question of all. Check to see if there's a Boot Camp for New Dads and Boot Camp for New Moms near you to help you both understand what each other is going through and what you can do to prepare your relationship and family for your new baby.

Good luck with your new family.

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