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How Can I Be There for My Family While Working So Much


I am from Germany but I guess being a father is not really different over here to what it is in the US. I have to work a lot during the week and that includes a lot of home office after work and work on weekends. I find it very hard to work 24/7 (that’s what it feels like a lot of times) and then be there for the family 100%. Any fathers out there who have to cope with that, too?


A universal problem these days: Fathers are experiencing as much stress as working moms to get it all done. For a dad with very long work hours, it can't be done, but talking to other dads will give you insights as to the best way to approach it yourself. Typically dads in your shoes push back on work hours, get more efficient, and make the time count with your family (baby and wife/partner) when you are home. Make sure you're present when you are spending time with your baby and partner. Are you able to wait to work at home until after the baby is asleep? Can you cut down the weekend hours? Can mom and baby me you for lunch? Get creative.

The biggest challenge over the decades has been for working dads to maintain their commitment at home in the face of resentment from your partner who is picking up the slack. Make sure mom still knows she matters to you. Call, message or email her often when you're apart. Make sure the two of you have a regular date night.

Ultimately moms and dads working together is what works best. If you're really unhappy with your work/life balance, the two of you can sit down and figure out how your family can get by on less income so you can spend more time with the family. As the old adage goes, end the end. no one wishes they had spent more time at work.

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