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Getting Angry at 4-year-old


I have a 4-year-old son and love him with all my heart. Recently I have noticed myself getting angry and shouting at him when he cries even for little things. I don’t want him to be bullied like I was when young. I don’t believe in smacking but today I smacked him across the face for crying and shouted at him. I could see how scared he was of me. We have a special bond I don’t want to lose. I just don't know what to do. Please help.


We all have our bad times as dads; few of us reach out when we do.

A couple of things. I had 12 brothers and sisters and still did not know what to expect at what age from my two boys. I always wanted them to act older than they were, especially on "manhood” issues.

Think thorough the bullying issue; what can you do to equip him for his future? You are just reacting to personal pain now; put your passion that it not happen to him to good use. Lots of alternatives for teaching him stuff; doesn't have to be boxing, but could be; video game champs probably don't get bullied much either.

Check your own stress levels; if high, figure out something new to do with your son that is relaxing. Fishing? He is always growing, so there are always new opportunities.

Sit him down and tell him you are sorry for hitting him that helps make sure it won't happen again and clears the air. A little time with you doing something fun will get you both back on track.

This may sound dumb, but consider this a booster shot for being a good dad; a reminder of how important your son is to you and a renewed passion for doing right by him.

We all make mistakes; some of us learn from them.

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