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Get Son Interested in Fishing


I recently got a small fishing boat, and my son seems not to be interesting in exploring the lake as much as I thought he would. I think I need to make more things for him to do when we are at the lake, is there anything I can do or buy for him to do that will help me with this?


They get bored easily, so use your imagination and don’t plan to fish a lot. Intrigue him with the fishing though; my 90 year old dad (lifelong trout fisherman) was hooked on fishing at three when his older brothers and father set him up upstream around a bridge and said when you feel a tug on your line, reel it in. They went downstream, caught fish, and put them on my dad’s line and tugged away. My dad caught a boatload and has ever since.

Try a sailboat that he can use on the lake, and look for cool things like crawdads in the streams around the lake. Bring a sling shot, go across the lake and build a small campfire to cook the fish for lunch. If you bring a friend of his along, their innate curiosity exploring the shore will kick in; they have great imaginations.


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