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Falling Asleep with Baby on My Lap


I work long hours and the greatest feeling in the world is knowing my boy wants to spend time with me when I'm home. I feed him before bed, but more often than not we both fall asleep- sometimes I before him. It is almost always while cradling him in a sitting position while I sit in our glider. I think it is the fact that I know I have hold of him, but my wife feels differently. Is there an issue with this?


The latest research indicates that your eight month old falling to sleep on your lap regularly will result in you and him having a stronger biological connection that is measurable in terms of added neurons and synapses in both your brains that foster bonding. You may have heard skin-to-skin contact is good; what you are doing is better due to the time you spend with him. Amazing stuff. A lot of upside here; for new fathers working long hours, we recommend making your time at home with your baby count, and I cannot imagine a better way. The downside, if it is not too late for you, is that you will think that the world revolves around him and he is the greatest kid on the planet (I am not suggesting he is not), and he will grow up expecting his dad to always be there for him.

New moms often feel differently than dads when it comes to the baby, so it is all normal. His sleeping position seems safe and comfortable, so no issue there. She may wonder because it is different, but it is definitely all good. It’s possible she could feel like she is not a great mom because of your connection - she is and it's always good to remind her.

Let me know how it works out. Been a long time since my baby fell asleep in my lap; I am jealous.

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