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Don’t Feel Ready to be a Dad


I feel like I jumped into this too quick. I don't actually feel like I'm ready to be a father. Is this normal?


Not only normal, but a good sign for your future as a dad. Few of us men think it through; pregnancy happens and we roll with it.

After a positive pregnancy test, we think about it a lot - but keep to ourselves; this is why you don't know how normal it is. One big thing you cannot appreciate until it happens is your biology kicking in when your baby arrives. Same biology that turned wild teenage cave boys into doting dads overnight. Early fatherhood is a huge challenge, but it is like you get Audie Murphy (WW2 hero) injections to suck it up and keep going, constantly looking for higher ground for your family.

Those who survive fatherhood, are the smart ones that ask the other guys how best to do it (like you). If there is a Boot Camp for New Dads in your area, you will meet other dads-to-be with similar concerns, as well as new dads (they bring their babies).

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