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Deployed Overseas During Birth


I am in the USAF. I am deployed overseas right now. I just found out my fiancee is pregnant and possibly with twins or more. She is only 6 to 7 weeks along. I don't know how she is supposed to be feeling and if she doesn't feel that way if that is bad.

I spent a lot of hours these couple days researching pregnancy where she is at and how she is feeling. I am just scared that something might happen and I can't be there I guess I don't really have questions I would just like some reassurance everything is going to be ok.

It is really hard to be deployed and not be there to experience this stuff. I still have 3 months left till I get to go home. What should I feel? I mean I'm scared.

I'm excited about being father and having a child or children with her she is the best girl in the world. I'm scared of something happening. I just want everything to be ok.


The fact that you are worried and busy researching pregnancy at two months along puts you well ahead of most guys on the new father's learning curve. This is a solid indication that you will do very well with mom and baby(s) once you get home.

In the meantime, it is very tough to be separated at this time for you and especially for your fiancee. Reassure her by letting her know, even though you are thousands of miles away, that you are on the job and looking forward to being a great husband and father.

Write to her about what you have learned about pregnancy, and reassure her that everything with the babies will turn out fine and you just know she will be a great mom.

Even though you cannot be there, just talking to her about her concerns and what you would be doing if you were there will give her a secure feeling that she is not alone. And yes, everything is going to be fine.

Not only that, but due to your seriously enhanced appreciation of your fiancee and your babies on the way as a result of your separation, once you get home about halfway through her pregnancy, you will be for ahead of most guys in terms of readiness to take on the challenges new moms and babies present.

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