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Dealing with New Moms


My girlfriend and I just had a baby, who is almost 2 months old. Lately she's been really exhausted and I really try to do my best to help, but she never lets me. It seems as though everything I say or do makes her angry. What should I do?


The first three months are tough on new moms, who in turn can be tough on new dads, so what you are experiencing is common. Ask her why she feels the way she does (don’t expect a calm answer), tell her that you are committed to being the best father possible, and just hang in there and do what you can with the baby. Over the next few months, she should begin to appreciate your role and the fact that you want to do your part in helping her raise your child. The main thing is to not give up, and things will usually work out. You will find a lot of information on moms in our book Hit The Ground Crawling at

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