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Breastfeeding Mom Won’t Leave Bottle


I've tried and begged my baby's mother to leave an extra bottle of breastmilk so when she leaves me to watch our 8-week-old daughter, I can still feed the baby. The baby cries giving me signs she wants milk. Its getting to me. Everyday watching her cry for milk while being able to do nothing. Its only a few minutes of the day several times everyday, am I wrong for feeling like the mom's doing this on purpose?


Your baby needs to eat. Get a can of formula and show it to Mom well before she leaves; whether she decides to pump a bottle or not, initial problem solved.

Now for the real issue; ask her directly why she didn’t leave you a bottle. Point out that new parenting is all about teamwork and “we are going to have to figure out how to work together.” She may resent having to work, not want to miss out on bonding with the baby, or something else you need to talk about.The biggest challenge new parents face is getting past all the conflicts a first baby brings, which otherwise can fester for decades.

Look at this as an opportunity for you both the get on the same page respecting your new family.

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