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Baby Only Cries When Dad Holds Him


I just don't understand. My son is one month old and it seems as though he only cries when I hold him. He is fine with his mother and even other people, however unless I am feeding him, he cries every time I hold him.

I try my hardest not to get upset but it is so frustrating.


That must be hugely frustrating at one month in. Babies have only 20% of their brain connections at birth, his brain will triple in weight by one year old, so he is furiously developing new ones. Little things can get in the way, and your issue is not uncommon among new dads. Babies are like puppies in that when you do something they like, they want more. In both cases, their brains get wired to want more, specifically from you. This will happen naturally, so patience is required.

Get a baby carrier for your chest, put him in and walk around the block. If he is crying use head phones; he will eventually stop and fall asleep on your chest. You can play video games, music, or work on your computer this way as well. Try giving him a massage. Your touch will generate oxytocin (the love hormone) for both of you, making your bond stronger. And if you overcome this challenge, not only do you conquer the frustration, you come out as an expert on his crying, and learn early on to handle the curve balls you son will send your way.

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