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Anxious About Crying and Feedings


I am a new father trying to cope with having a beautiful baby girl. I constantly worry and am anxious about how to deal with her crying and night feedings.

I want to be a better father and husband. Please help.


The crying can be tough to handle. Try putting her in a stroller, put on earphones, crank them up and go for a walk outside. Also get Happiest Baby On the Block and learn some heavy-duty baby calming skills. Nothing works to calm your anxiety over crying better than your learning to calm her.

Nighttime feedings cause sleep deprivation which makes everything worse; try to work it out so both you and mom get one 4-hour stretch of sleep with each of you taking a shift the other one sleeps through. Mom would need to pump if she's breastfeeding.

I am sure you have heard things get better, but in the meantime it must seem like a nightmare. Doing something proactive (like learning soothing techniques) should give you a sense of some control to bring down your anxiety, and as you “learn” your baby your confidence will improve (dramatically).

Hang in there; you are far from alone.

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