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Anxious About Becoming A Dad


My wife is 5 months pregnant with our first child. We’re so excited. Recently I’ve been so anxious. I’ve been like this before, years ago, in a constant anxiety state but I can’t put my finger on why this is happening now. I work, exercise, eat and sleep well. It just doesn’t make sense. I’m excited about becoming a dad but nothing that would put me in the state that I’m in now.


There are lots of reasons for dads-to-be to get anxious, and the challenges of becoming a father go pretty deep, so I can appreciate it's hard to put your finger on a core issue. I had a Rookie Dad in Boot Camp for New Dads recently that was concerned that because he did not like babies, that he would not like his own. I told him that once his dad-biology kicks in when the baby arrives, and it always does, he would be fine. Given that becoming a father adds significant stress to one's life, it sounds like you are re-experiencing stress related anxiety. You don't want to enter fatherhood in this state, and you are doing everything else right like exercising, so it's probably well worth checking it out with your doctor, especially if it lasts much longer.

Have fun as a dad.

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