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16-Year-Old Expecting Dad


I am 16 years old and expecting a baby. I am signed up for Boot Camp for New Dads, but do you have any advice for me on what is to come? I know I am young, but I want to do the best I can.


Welcome to Boot Camp for New Dads! If all young dads-to-be were to "man up" to their new responsibilities like you are, a lot of children would be better off and happier, and a lot more men would be proud of the job they are doing as a father (not to mention the indescribable feeling they get from having a child who loves them).

You know you have a more challenging time ahead due to your youth, which will inspire the other men in the workshop. Having your dad come with you is great; he can serve as an ongoing mentor and ally. The real issue for you is, 20 years from now when your child heads off into the world on his own, how well will you have prepared him, and how will you feel about each other. Twenty years is a lot of time to get it right no matter your age.

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