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Since 1990, Dads Adventure and Daddy Boot Camp have had more than 350,000 men trust us to help them wrap their minds around becoming dads.

How We Got Started in 1990

Dads Adventure Founder Greg Bishop
Greg Bishop, Founder of Dads Adventure and
Boot Camp for New Dads

My six brothers and I grew up taking care of babies, which happens when your parents have 13 kids. To us boys, babies were like puppies; while a lot of work at times, they were fun to play with. They made great amateur wrestlers and you could always make them happy by the time mom got home.

When my first child arrived, I was a natural at calming him when he cried and of course, making him happy. After four kids, other guys were asking me for advice, so I decided to help. It’s nice to be good at something important.

In 1990, I recruited a few friends and asked them to bring their babies to the local hospital to show the ropes to some dads-to-be. When a few “rookies” said they had never held a baby before, we handed them ours and they went home thinking “I can do this.” They did, and later returned as “veterans” with their own babies to guide the next batch of rookies, and Boot Camp for New Dads was off and running.

No women over 2’ tall were allowed; just babies and men. No question was stupid, no topic off-limits, like a “nursery in a locker room.” Boot Camp for New Dads now operates across the U.S., on U.S. military bases in Japan and Italy and in the U.K. and Canada. That small group of guys in 1990 has turned into more than 350,000 men prepared to be fathers.

About Dads Adventure

In 1995, we formed Dads Adventure to sponsor the non-profit Boot Camp for New Dads and develop broad support for new fathers.

We publish/produce Crash Course for Dads-To-Be, the Crash Course for New Dads DVD, Dads Adventure magazine, Hit the Ground Crawling: Lessons From 150,000 New Fathers, and DadsAdventure.com to bring new fathers the information they need to do a great job.

Boot Camp for New Moms) is our latest venture in helping moms help guys become the best dads and parenting partners they can imagine.

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